Smiling Eyes Professional Eye Beauty System


Stimulates electricity to the muscles and helps to increase skin elasticity around the eyes and remove wrinkle

Electric ions generated by microcurrent penetrate into skin tissue around the eyes and accelerate absorption of products

Accelerate blood circulation of micro vessels and enhance cell permeability.

Model: R1000


 Ion vibration

Use the ions from high-micro-vibration to clean up the harmful substances in the deep skin and promote the continuous absorption of nutrients by the cells.

Effectively relieve eye fatigue, prevent myopia and bright eyes.

Bipolar RF

Improve eye bags and skin around the eyes. The inner tissue of the eye bags can be heated to 45-55 degrees.

Effectively accelerates blood circulation and reduces eye fat granules. Rmarkable effects on eye bags, fine lines, edema and dark circles.


Maximize RF energy, penetration in the treatment area, accelerate eye blood circulation

Accelerate lymphatic metabolism in the eye.

Lift and tighten the skin around the eyes.

Electronic eye patch

Electronic thermostat technology: The warming effect allows nutrients to be absorbed quickly.

Camellia Extract: Antioxidant effect.

Spilanthes Acmella Extract: Anti-aging effect.

Monopole RF + cold compress

Monopole RF can act on deeper treatment of skin tissue. Skin can be heated to a depth of 1-2 cm for deep anti-aging.

Handpiece tips have cooling function that protect the skin from high energy.

Significant effect on edema and dark circles.

Technical advantage

Increase product absorption by 10 times.Safe, comfortable and suitable for eye skin around for various age groups. Acts on deeper skin tissue.

Focus on the target tissue to improve the therapeutic effect of the instrument.


Fast cooling, 3 times higher than same machine in the market, and continuous working time up to 12 hours. Protect the skin from high energy.


Ergonomically customized, more contact with the skin.

Multi-technology, multi-handpiece, multi-effects, to solve skin problems of various age groups.

Designed according to professional eye care process.