Regeneration And Non-Allergic Skin Dialysis Machine

What is ultrasonic cavitation hydrodynamic effects

Low-frequency ultrasound can produce atomizing effects when applied to liquids. When a large amount of atomized liquid gathers in contact with the skin, the ultrasonic stress “tears” the liquid into a cavity, forming a vacuum cavitation mass. The air explosion formed by cavitation continuously moves with the vibration of the surrounding medium, and generates a transient local high pressure to form a shock wave, which can blast and peel various dirt deep in the skin pores. In the state of no pain in the skin, it can truly cleanse the skin deeply, remove aging keratinocytes, and thoroughly remove all kinds of impurities, dust, mites, oil, and heavy metal residues in the funnel part of the hair follicle. Then the deep dirt on the face is sucked out by vacuum negative pressure.



Ultrasonic cavitation

Strongly remove the skin deep dirt, heavy metal residues, ultrasound in the

cavitation bubble suddenly closed when the shock wave can produce thousands of

atmospheric pressure around it, the direct impact of the contaminated layer, on the

one hand bubble dirt and skin surface adsorption, On the other hand can cause

damage to the dirt layer and from the skin surface and make them dispersed in the

cleaning solution.

Hydrodynamic effects

Vacuum circuit of hydrodynamic system rushes the stains and heavy metal

shattered by ultrasound out of the body. Could deep cleanse, removing the aging

keratinocytes and the sebum, thoroughly remove the hair follicle funnel of

various impurities, mites and grease residue while it fills the hair follicle funnel with

nutrients for the skin so it can be moisturized and shiny.

Derive exogenous residues in the skin.
Derive exogenous residues in the skin.
Improve acne & oil problems.
Improve acne & oil problems.
Brighten and whiten the complexion.
Brighten and whiten the complexion.
Improve sensitive skin.
Improve sensitive skin.


Low frequency ultrasonic derivation with the latest Japanese technique.

Sustainably profitable

Professional derived liquid for one person at a time, medical silicone treatment head, Suitable for agents’ operating.

Effective and safe

With low frequency ultrasonic technology, which is suitable for all sensitive skin type. No stimulating or side effect, for daily care, to improve rates of consumer retaining.