Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Product Info

808 nm Diode Laser Hair Removal use special laser with long Pulse-Width 808nm, can penetrate to hair follicle. Using selective light absorption theory, laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair and then heating the hair shaft and hair follicle, moreover to destroy the hair follicle and oxygen organization around hair follicle. When laser outputs, system with special cooling technology, cool the skin and protect skin from being hurt and reach a very safe and comfortable treatment.

808nm Diode Laser – 1200W



Remove Facial Hair – Lip, Hairline.

Remove Body Hair – Underarm, Chest Hair, Bikini, Back, Belly.

Remove Upper Limb Hair – Arm, Big Arm, Finger.

Remove Lower Limb Hair – Thigh, Calf, Toe.


Main Machine x 1,  Hand-piece x 1, Foot Switch x 1,

Keys x 2, Goggles x 2,  Power Cable,  Water Line Plug, Water Funnel + Water Tube


Selective absorption and heat decomposition of light:
The hair shaft and hair papilla absorb a lot of light. Light energy is converted into heat. The temperature becomes higher, high temperature will break hair papilla. And then hair will become dry, shed and decay.
According to the hair growth cycle (growth period, prosperous period, recession period), if clients want to do hair removal they should do at least 3 treatments.Normally, the hair will not grow within 3 – 5 years. Even hair regrows again, the hair is fluff, which does not affect the appearance.


Germany imported 400W and 600W micro-channel laser modules
 South Korea imported water pumps, ion filters and particle filters
 Use the medical infusion automatic control system to ensure accurate control of water flow;

 Scientific and constant energy, ensure effect and safety;

 Power supply 8 years 0 maintenance.


 Automatic water temperature sensor, water flow sensor, intelligent self-protection function;

 Maximum shots number can be set in the system, which is to ensure profit of distributor.


 International micro-channel diode laser, continuously working time can reach 8 hours;

 Automatic cooling system, avoid condensation on the hand-piece;

 Special automatic refrigeration device, keep water temperature under 35°C to protect machine.

The best working environment of the laser module is 16-35 ° C.


 6 skin types with preset parameters;

 Energy and frequency are inversely proportional;

 Iron frame modular, easy to do A/S maintenance.