PDT LED Skin Care Machine

What is PDT LED?

Photo-dynamic therapy (PDT) is a medical treatment that utilizes a photo sensitizing molecule (frequently products that becomes activated by light exposure) and a light source to activate the administered products. Acne can also be treated as well. The procedure is easily performed in a physician’s office or outpatient setting. LED PDT (Photo-dynamic Therapy) is a new technology is systemic administration of a photo sensitizer, which a stimulated by photon, chemical and biologic process. PDT can treat a wide range of skin problem successfully without the side effect. The operation is easy and no requirement of clinical professional.

Model: L800



 Supplement the energy required by human cells, increase cell activity and accelerate cell metabolism.

 Make the skin a lot of collagen, increase the phagocytic ability of white blood cells.

 Thereby achieve the effect of skin repair, skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, acne removal and anti-oxidation.


Main Machine x 1; Electrical Wire x 1; Keys x 2; Goggles x 1; Power Cable x 1; Wrench x 1

Red light effect 633 nm

 Skin Anti-aging & Rejuvenation

 Skin Tighten & Lifting

 Promote Collagen

 Remove Freckle, Chloasma, Aged Spots, Sunburn

Standard 2 lights

Blue Light Effect 480 nm

 Acne removal

 Diminish inflammation

 Purity skin

 Repair the sensitive skin due to the tattoo

 Repair injured skin caused by the laser

Following 3 lights can be customized

Infrared Light Effect 830 nm

 Recovery period of soft tissue contusion, muscle fiber inflammation

 Arthritis, neuralgia, chronic ulcers, burns, frostbite repair

 Relieve muscle soreness

Yellow Light 590 nm

 Capillary expansion; Skin dull, skin slack, dark yellow face; Cold hands and feet, loss of appetite;Green Light 525nm

 Oily skin; Blackhead, acne; Rosacea; Lipid alopecia, pigmentation