GPX3 Industrial Grade Clear Vinyl Gloves Case of 5


The clear GPX3 Vinyl gloves are cost-effective gloves that are a combination of comfort and dexterity. These tactile sensitive gloves offer barrier protection in versatile environments for performing light-duty tasks that use cleaning solutions, hair dyes, and other non-hazardous materials. Comes in a Case of 5 boxes 100/ct per box.

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GPX3 vinyl gloves at an industrial-grade provide a high level of comfort and are dexterous, offering suitable tactile sensitivity.
GPX3 clear gloves are disposable and are commonly used for light-duty tasks which require frequent changes of gloves.
The barrier protection of the gloves is enhanced by making them chemical resistant and powder-free, not leaving behind residue after being used for tasks involving chemicals like cleaning solutions.
These affordable gloves are effective in terms of safety and hygiene, useful in various applications.
The internal side of the gloves is polymer-coated, which lessens the elasticity of vinyl along with smoothening, giving a comfortable feel.

Comes in a Case of 5 boxes 100/ct per box.

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