Eye Care Machine Eye Beauty System


Fine lines lighting; Lifting; Tightening; Improve eye contour.


Lymph drainage

Improve dark circles; Lighten eye bags; Improve eye edema; Prevent fat granules.


Relieve fatigue

Improve eye dryness; Delaying presbyopia; Prevent myopia; Relieve eye fatigue.


R100 Series for Eye Bag (R100, R100E, R100S)


 Radio frequency principle (Same as RF machine).

 Electronic eye patch with constant temperature heat conduction technology (Same as RF machine).

 Eye patch has India natural plant and essence of camellia (Replace essence and cosmetics).


Increase temperature + bio stimulation 40 ° C:

Improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism, improve the speed to remove the biological waste and improve the immune system.

40 ° C -55 ° C: Promote the denaturation and production of collagen tissue, which is to achieve skin tightening and wrinkle removal effect.


 Intelligent eye care system:Compared with product + Manual massage:

Effect is more obvious.

Profits of machines will be higher.

Compared with essential oil + Manual massage:

Easy to operate.

Automatically, save labor.

Not sensitive to reactions.

Compared with injection:

Safe and comfortable without potential dangers.

Not resistant.

No recovery period.

Compared with RF machine:

(1) Easy to use.

(2) Economic

(3) Safe & Effective.


Main Machine x 1; Eye Patch x 10; Eye Patch Cable x 1; Power Cable x 1.