Contact Free Infrared Thermometer


This contact-free digital thermometer is an easy device to use with hospital-grade accuracy. It’s lightweight and simple making it the ideal choice for any situation. Switch between different modes on an LCD display that is clear to read even in dark places.

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Faster Testing – Medical Grade Instant Digital Thermometer for adults, infants or kids, in as little as 1 second, much faster than conventional thermometers. This model is made with a highly sensitive sensor and microchip to provide  an accurate and rapid read with no contact of the people or objects scanned.

Amazing Versatility – This Digital Thermometer enables you to measure the temperature of any person, place or thing instantly with the press of a button. It is perfect for those who need to take multiple reads or a parent who needs to keep a close eye on the temperature of their loved ones.

Simple to Use – The Thermometer is designed with an easy grip and single press action read and can switch instantly between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The device also features a Child-friendly quiet mode to take instant scans of infants and children without a beeping sound that may disturb them.

Easy to Read – Temperature is displayed either in Fahrenheit or Celsius on an LCD screen and is readable in the light or the dark.

Batteries not included. AAA batteries required.