Cavitation RF and Weight Loss Machine

4 high-frequency ultrasonic fat-dissolving positioning plates

Using 1 MHz strong Ultrasonic wave frequency, it can deeply penetrate into the skin and dissolve subcutaneous fat.


Suitable for

People with poor metabolism.

People who want to do whole body or some skin area body shaping.

People with skin relaxation and people who need postpartum treatment.

People who desire a better body shape.


Four treatment heads, different positions, different fat thickness can be accurately treated.

40KHZ Ultrasonic, the most effective frequency known by the international scientific community.

External filter for easy replacement.

Developed in accordance with EU standards.


Main Machine x 1; Positioning Plates x 4; Handpiece x 3; Keys x 2; Power Cable x 1.

M80 low-frequency ultrasonic fat-blasting handpiece

The strong vibration of 40KHz low-frequency Ultrasonic waves will have a strong impact on fat cells, effectively blasting thick and hard cellulite.

M80 high-frequency vacuum pressure fat-dissolving handpiece

Using strong sound wave frequency of vacuum negative wall suction, deeply crush fat, make fat melting, detoxification, tightening and shaping.

M50 high-frequency ultrasonic fat-dissolving handpiece

Using 0.8MHz strong ultrasonic frequency, it can deeply penetrate into the skin and dissolve subcutaneous fat.

High frequency ultrasonic positioning plate high frequency ultrasonic fat burning handle

 Deeply come into the cell to produce pulse resonance and warming effect.

 When the power of the ultrasound is transferred to the body tissue, the tissue is heated to promote metabolism and eliminate toxins.

 Smooth blood and lymph circulation, effectively softening orange peel fat.

Low frequency ultrasonic fat handle

Ultrasonic directly accesses into fat cells combined with internal and external pressure to cause blast decomposition, intracellular triglycerides are broken down by the body’s large circulating lymphatic system metabolism, which will reduce the fat volume.

High frequency ultrasonic negative handle

 Increase local blood circulation.

 Increase local lymphatic drainage.

 Assist the reduction of fat cell volume.