Level 1 Protective Gown 35 GSM 1500ct


Level 1 protective gown 35 GSM is used in a public or private setting that is comfortable and flexible. Comes in a MOQ of 1500pcs per order. Sold mainly to facilities in need.

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Skillful Design – A breathable gown overall that is very easy to put on and take off. Its body protection ensures reliable protection against harmful substances such as dust and germs. Used mostly in clinics, factories, salons, hospitals, and other public or private settings.

Material – Made 35 GSM (a metric measurement of the weight) thick from non-woven fabric with elasticity for a comfortable fit and flexibility. The gown comes in a solid color finish and the color may vary.

Quantity – 1500pcs

Size – XL

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Weight165 lbs


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