Antibacterial Disinfecting Wipes Jumbo Bucket


Anti-bacterial wipes made with a non-alchol based formula, effective killing up to 99.9% of germs. This size is economical and contains 400 wipes making it great for areas that hand hygiene is advised.

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Economical Size – The Jumbo Bucket holds 400 antibacterial wipes making it great for commonly used areas such as health clinics and daycare centers.

Enriched Formula – These wipes contain both Aloe Vera and BZK (Benzalkonium Chloride), a non-alcohol based broad-range antimicrobial that kills tough bacteria without soap and water.

Designed for Hand Hygiene – Made to be super tough on dirt and germs but keeping the skin soft and healthy without harming the body.

Effective Solution – The Antibacterial wipes kills up to 99.9% of bacteria using a non-alcohol based solution.