AMMEX Medical Indigo Nitrile Gloves Case of 5


The AMMEX medical indigo nitrile gloves are highly tactile sensitive and provide exceptional comfort. These professional gloves are among one the favorites of healthcare professionals. Gloves that offer both gentle examination and color-coding as well as added protection being 8 mils thick against contaminants. Comes in a Case of 5 boxes 100/ct per box.

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AMMEX indigo nitrile gloves are medical gloves FDA approved that offer added tactile sensitivity for everyday use.
These indigo-colored gloves offer an Exam grade quality which is 4 mils thick and are chlorinated providing exceptional protection from contamination, pathogens, and splatter.
These gloves add to safety because of their high visibility appearance and deliver comfort for anyone who wears them. Once the users’ hands warm inside the gloves they will contour to them for an exceptional fit.
These gloves are powder-free and can be used for multiple purposes like food handling, automobile-related work, cleaning, and other light household work. However, the main purpose is designed for medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, laboratory workers, and first responders.
These disposable gloves being chemical resistant and especially latex-free can be ideally used as an alternative where individuals are allergic to natural rubber.
AMMEX indigo nitrile gloves are textured. The micro-roughened texture provides protection and a strong grip even when wet and will satisfy anyone who wears them for their day-to-day.

Comes in a Case of 5 boxes 100/ct per box.

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