“ Face shields, that can be quickly and affordably manufactured, should be included as part of strategies for secure and reducing overall transmission in the community. ”

People infected with the virus may have no signs during the incubation timespan or may even be symptomless and spread the virus to other people and infect the surface areas without realizing it. Therefore, wearing a face shield at all times when you leave home is an essential safety precaution. It provides an exciting physical shield and helps prevent hand-to-mouth transmission as face shields prevent people from touching their faces after having to touch the infected surface. 


“Shields work better than face masks to prevent auto-inoculation, as people are likely to touch their faces even more to set their masks. “

Today, we know that we must wear face masks to prevent others from life-threatening infections when we leave home. But face masks could be hot, and they may irritate the skin, make it hard for many to breathe, and create an environment without smiles. It could also be hard for people who have hearing problems to interact when their mouths are covered, their voices distorted and facial expressions are hidden.

This is why many people are turning to face shields. These plastic barriers cover the full face (along with the eyes) with a transparent shield. A face shield therefore can be a piece of important protection equipment to keep infected hands away from the face.

They seem to be far more helpful in protecting people from cough droplets. Second, they enable non-verbal communication and free movement of the face, and easy breathing compared to face masks.

Other disadvantages of wearing masks include:

  •  Often worn improperly uncovering the nose
  •  The wearers are more likely to touch their faces.
  •  Clothes and other 3ply masks don’t fit the face efficiently.
  •  Eyes are being exposed



Face shields are common sights in medical doctors. And as the outbreak drags on, they are also becoming more common among the public. But how are they working? And how effective are they when it comes to protecting as compared to masks? Here are some advantages of using face shields.


One of the advantages of face shields is that they secure the complete face, such as the eyes, together with the mouth and nose, which may be an entry point for coronavirus as well as other germs. The face shield that hangs from the top of the forehead and spreads far below the chin effectively prevents breathing droplets that are believed to carry the virus.


Another major benefit of face shields is that they can be sterilized after each use which is not possible with fiber or any 3ply face masks. They are made from durable and dense transparent plastic sheets and can be reused properly after cleaning for full protection against major diseases. Face shields effectively block infectious drips from reaching the face without losing their efficacy after becoming moist with drips and splashes.


Unlike masks—which people tend to let slip under their nose, or worse, out of their face—face shields are less probable to wear wrongly.

Just ensure it’s properly positioned: The front band should be about 1/2 inch to 1 inch above the eyebrows, and the lower part of the shield should be below the chin.


Relevant to 3ply face masks that are everywhere these days—from high-end retail stores to convenience stores—face shields also are easy enough to find. Your best option is the internet; in which you can find it easily.


Face shields are fast and easy to wear and are far more convenient than face masks because they do not limit airflow. The compact and full coverage design minimizes the annoyance of wearing different safety gears at a time such as glasses and masks to secure all entrance portals. The clear plastic face shield also makes interaction easier. This is because the other person can see their face and the person’s voice doesn’t come across as muffled.


Where is this going to leave us?

“There are advantages to wearing face shields, but experts believe there are limits to the amount of protection they can offer.”

There’s a lot we really don’t know about COVID-19 and how it spreads. Until now, we believe that the virus normally spreads through close contact with the infected person, through the droplets produced when they cough or sneeze, or through surfaces contaminated by these particles.

To develop an infection, the virus enters your body through the entry gateways: the mouth, the nose, and the eyes.

Wearing a face shield or mask is intended to protect others from infection by preventing droplets from the mouth and nose. We may call this source control. To a degree—though we have much less scientific proof on this front—it is also likely to protect you, the wearer, by creating a physical barrier to your entrance portals.


Whatever face covering you choose, it has to be formed properly, and it must fit correctly.

We provide face shields designed with a soft foam padding for extra forehead comfort and to ensure a secure fit for all head sizes. These precision-cut, optically clear, and lightweight face shields are ideal for full-day shift use. Contact us today to book your delivery!