Who We Are

At Octofund Group we always have the interest of our clients and partners in mind; in those efforts to better accommodate them, we have shifted more of our focus towards COVID-19 aid & relief with the help of various companies and manufacturers which we’ve partnered and worked with in the past to provide an honest PPE supply chain.

As a result we are now able to provide our clients with multiple COVID-19 related supplies and equipment, enabling us to better assist those in the front lines and those impacted by the pandemic.

Due to this we are experiencing much higher volumes of traffic & inquiries, as a result you may encounter longer waiting times to hear back from our representatives. We ask to please bear with us as we are doing our best to assure our current clients and partners requirements are being met while still giving our utmost efforts towards our new customers’ experience and satisfaction.


Covid-19 Essentials

At Octofund Group we understand the need to protect yourself and others. Furthermore, we understand how hard it can be financially as much as emotionally and we strive to provide all the essentials at our lowest prices that cater to everyone maintaining an honest PPE supply rather than trying to take advantage of a serious pandemic. Staying safe is the most important factor and we aim to help those in need. If for some reason you cannot afford even the bare minimum we will gladly ship a mandatory face mask to you.

Wholesale Distribution

Supporting those on the frontlines is our highest priority. Using our network of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors we are capable of supplying hospitals, health clinics, and medical facilities in any quantity necessary. We guarantee our trusted supply chain in order to make sure we provide the highest quality service to those making a difference today. Please inquire about our distribution chain so we can assist in facilitating your companies needs in the correct manner.

Affiliate Program

Octofund Group as a service wants to give back to the community as well as help individuals or organizations grow their business. The healthcare industry should not solely profit from big corporations and certain individuals but be shared with everyone in these changing times. Of course, this industry requires a certain amount of experience and infrastructure but why not leave that to us and focus on growing your business. We provide all the much-needed products, tools, and resources to be successful in these trying times. Join us today 

"Octofund makes sure I get all the essentials I need every month without overspending online or in stores!"
Cassey J
"I bought a 3ply box of face masks and it was an easy and fast transaction. Thanks!"

Mark S.
"Working with Octofund Group has been a pleasant experience I'm glad I found these guys early on."
Abdul M.
"Was a great transaction I had an issue with my item and they made sure to correct it right away".

Joseph G.
"Customer service helped me with all the paperwork and proper documentation that I needed which helped me close a contract with a client."
Afxenius A.

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