If your organization has encountered difficulties in the procurement process of PPE supplies in the current market due to negligence of individuals proclaiming to get the job done and then finding yourself hopeless when things go silent because of the poor ethics used by those individuals; then our team at Octofund Group would like to offer an alternative where you could be assured that the ethics and importance applied to your case are a matter of priority and handled with respect. We verify and conduct a respectful amount of due diligence into all of our clients and partners to keep the integrity at its highest level, the majority of our supplies are owned directly by our partners which enables us to simplify the process and offer the best service.

If you’re a title holder or supplier and have encountered difficulties in the area of distribution and procedure of the PPE and medical supplies market then be assured you’re now on the right website, we’re always grateful to form new relations with suppliers to fulfill the requirements of our buyers demands.

At Octofund Group we have simplified things for the benefit of the supplier by providing an infrastructure where you could submit your inventory for verification by filling out the Supplier Intake Form and upon approval, you’ll have the option of marketing your inventory on a larger scale while being able to facilitate bids on pending contracts and fulfill current inventory demands.

We provide many other alternative resources that can be applied in the process (e.g. legal work, logistics,*financing) after submitting your form and upon compilation of the verification process please ask your assigned account manager about these options.

All the information submitted goes through a very strict procedure of due diligence in-order to keep the integrity of the platform and the process of verifying the authenticity & legitimacy of inventory and organizations with whom we conduct business, we personally speak with every individual for verification. We pride ourselves on protecting the interests of our partners and clients.

Our team looks forward to working with you and providing the right services for your business.

*Rates and availability are based on a client’s credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment, and product type and options, and may vary by country. This offering does not guarantee that credit will be provided.